Dina Demetrius

Broadcast News Producer & Correspondent

Los Angeles, CA

Dina Demetrius

Looking for the stories no one else is telling.


Waiting Game

For more than a decade, like millions of undocumented immigrants, Alberto waits for a family visa in an RV on a Los Angeles street.
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With Reform Fervor in the Air, Local School Board Elections See Record Outside Spending | Politics | SoCal Connected | Shows

Huge amounts of money are flowing into the school board elections this year, and some of the "troops" don't even live here.
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OC's Great Park: A Work in Progress or a Great Disappointment? | Economy | SoCal Connected | Shows

Irvine's Great Park was supposed be the Central Park of the West Coast. But after ten years and hundreds of millions of dollars spent, some say the result is greatly underwhelming.
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The 'F' Word: Unregulated Fracking at Oil Wells Raising Concerns | Environment | SoCal Connected | Shows

Fracking. Our correspondent unearths whether the controversial process is going on in Southern California and why it's become such a dirty word.
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Prop 37: Fact and Feeling Fuel the Fight Over GMOs | Politics | SoCal Connected | Shows

SoCal Connected goes from farm to market to see why Prop 37 and the labeling of GMOs has become such a food fight.
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'Leaning In' or Leaning Back?: Women Finding a New Definition of 'Success' | Culture | SoCal Connected | Shows

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has been both lauded and panned for telling women to "lean in" at the workplace. And some women are finding that "having it all" is not all that's worth having.
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With Reverse Migration, Children of Immigrants Chase 'American Dream' Abroad | Economy | SoCal Connected | Shows

Children of immigrants are heading back to their parents' homeland, and they're finding opportunities for fame and fortune.
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All Moved In, Space Shuttle Endeavour Becomes Symbol of Hope for Future Spaceflight | Science & Tech | SoCal Connected | Shows

The Shuttle Endeavor's slow but exciting trek through L.A.' s streets sparks an exploration of Southern California's new forays into space.
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Campaigning for the Oscars Just Got More Sophisticated, More Expensive | Film | SoCal Connected | Shows

Hollywood studios wage multi-million dollar marketing campaigns to capture that little gold statue, and they've never been more complicated -- or expensive.
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Is Fracking Happening Near You?

Many communities are concerned about fracking, but there are steps they can take to regulate or ban it. America Now reporter and producer Dina Demetrius looks at the issue and how one Southern California community deals with it.
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Driveway Dangers

Driveways can be one of the most dangerous places for families. America Now reporter and producer Dina Demetrius shows tips to keep everyone safe.
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As Bike Lanes Expand, Some Fear Traffic Will Only Get Worse | Transportation | SoCal Connected | Shows

Cyclists are making progress in their demands for bike lanes, but some motorists aren't on the same track.
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Dina Demetrius

Dina has produced and reported news magazine and investigative stories for "SoCal Connected" on KCET TV . She has also worked for many years at ABC News as a field and story producer and booker. She contributed to all ABC News broadcasts covering political campaigns, national breaking news, special events, and culture/human interest stories from Los Angeles, Washington DC, Boston, and Chicago bureaus. Dina frequently enterprises and develops stories that are picked up for national and international broadcast. She has also produced entertainment news stories for ABC News and Access Hollywood. Dina's written work has appeared in Psychology Today,, and

In 2011, Dina was engaged as the director/producer for a non-profit sponsored feature documentary in Nicaragua, filming the stories of aid workers and the people they assist in Nicaragua's toxic and dangerous garbage dumps.

Dina has been awarded two 2012 LA area Emmy Awards, one for her story "Your Money or Your Life," as well as a 2012 Golden Mike for Best TV News Public Affairs Program, and a 2011 L.A. Press Club Award for 1st Place Talk/Public Affairs Program.



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