Dina Demetrius

Correspondent & Producer

Los Angeles, CA

Dina Demetrius

Discovering the stories no one else is telling. Award-winning television journalist with a passion for illuminating the truth and heart in any story.


Maybe Babies + Facebook Live talk

A million leftover and counting. What happens when IVF couples have too many frozen embryos? Report followed by Facebook Live talk with psychologist Dr. Francine Lederer (begins at 12:47)
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Oil Activist

Meet the Los Angeles teenager who took on the oil industry, city hall and the Catholic Church to curb urban oil drilling in her neighborhood.
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Made in L.A.

How one of L.A.' s most successful entrepreneurs, Cisco Pinedo, is building a brand, furniture and community all at the same time.
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L.A. EMMY - Your Money or Your Life | Healthwise | SoCal Connected | Shows

When it comes to medical debt, some patients are weighed down by the high cost of getting well.
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L.A. PRESS CLUB AWARD- The 'F' Word: Unregulated Fracking at Oil Wells Raising Concerns | Environment | SoCal Connected | Shows

Fracking. Our correspondent unearths whether the controversial process is going on in Southern California and why it's become such a dirty word.
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OC's Great Park: A Work in Progress or a Great Disappointment? | Economy | SoCal Connected | Shows

Irvine's Great Park was supposed be the Central Park of the West Coast. But after ten years and hundreds of millions of dollars spent, some say the result is greatly underwhelming.
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GOLDEN MIKE - Shuttle Diplomacy | Science & Tech | SoCal Connected | Shows

The Space Shuttle Endeavour has traveled millions of miles in space, but that doesn't mean getting it from LAX to its final home at the California Science Center is any easier than takeoff.
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Prop 37: Fact and Feeling Fuel the Fight Over GMOs | Politics | SoCal Connected | Shows

SoCal Connected goes from farm to market to see why Prop 37 and the labeling of GMOs has become such a food fight.
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Faces of Three Strikes: What Passing Prop 36 Means for Both Sides | Government | SoCal Connected | Shows

The passage of Prop 36 changes parts of the "Three Strikes" law, and makes a very personal impact on families on both sides of the law's debate. SoCal Connected talks to some of those affected.
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Campaigning for the Oscars Just Got More Sophisticated, More Expensive | Film | SoCal Connected | Shows

Hollywood studios wage multi-million dollar marketing campaigns to capture that little gold statue, and they've never been more complicated -- or expensive.
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All Moved In, Space Shuttle Endeavour Becomes Symbol of Hope for Future Spaceflight | Science & Tech | SoCal Connected | Shows

The Shuttle Endeavor's slow but exciting trek through L.A.' s streets sparks an exploration of Southern California's new forays into space.
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With Reverse Migration, Children of Immigrants Chase 'American Dream' Abroad | Economy | SoCal Connected | Shows

Children of immigrants are heading back to their parents' homeland, and they're finding opportunities for fame and fortune.
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Dina Demetrius

As both a correspondent and producer, Dina reports stories that illuminate the humanity at the heart of any policy issue. Dina has reported and produced news magazine and investigative stories for Al Jazeera America and KCET's "SoCal Connected." She also appears on TRT World News as a foreign correspondent reporting and analyzing U.S. news for a global audience. Dina's pieces have also been featured on the nationally syndicated show America Now where she was the show's lead story reporter and producer.

Dina began her network news career at ABC News as a field and story producer. She has covered political campaigns, national breaking news, special events, and culture/entertainment stories from a variety of bureaus. Dina frequently enterprises and develops stories that are picked up for national and international broadcast. Her written work has appeared in Psychology Today,, and

In 2011, Dina travelled to Nicaragua to direct and produce a non-profit sponsored feature documentary, filming the stories of aid workers and the people they assist in Nicaragua's toxic and dangerous garbage dumps.

In June 2017, Dina was named a Rising Star by the Los Angeles Business Journal at their annual Women's Summit. She has been awarded three L.A. area Emmy Awards, an L.A. Press Club Award for her groundbreaking California fracking investigation, as well as a Golden Mike and other L.A. Press Club awards and Emmy nominations. She has also been honored as a woman making a difference in Los Angeles for the Los Angeles Business Journal's 2015 & 2016 Women's Summits. Dina lives in Los Angeles, but her hometown Detroit is always in her heart.



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